Health Ministries

City Temple Health Ministries encourages our members and community not only to experience a healthful abundant life but also to share the divine principles for whole person health with individuals in their communities and a world in need. Our goal is that City Temple continues to become a center for health and healing in which people may come to learn evidence based health information and find restoration for a hurting body, mind, or soul.

Community Services Ministry

City Temple Community Services (CTCS) has been established as a humanitarian relief, and individual and community development ministry to fulfill the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Dallas, Texas.

CTCS aims to provide direct and referral services to our local community and church membership. In addition, we build collaborative partnerships and expand the scope of community services as special circumstances dictate.

ACS provides services such as Basic Food and Clothing assistance, Personal Disaster Response, Back to School Events, Thanksgiving and Christmas donations. In addition, City Temple Community Services plans to host GED, Lifeskills, Tutoring and Mentoring programs to help our constituents improve their quality of life.

Social Committee

The purpose of the Social Committee is to bring people together as a community at social events. It allows all of us to enjoy the spirit and joy of being together. It also brings goodwill to all and gives everyone a chance to get to know one another.