DCT SharePoint

DCTShare is our NEW information hub for all ministry leaders and associates. Supported through Microsoft SharePoint® technology, the platform provides church leaders, members and associates with shared resources in one location.

What is SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint® is a cloud-based platform that lets you organize, edit, store and share information with your ministry team—and even between multiple teams!

SharePoint's main advantage is a simple design. It's as easy as navigating a website, while being flexible enough to work with any internet-capable device—your computer, tablet, or even your cell phone. This allows tremendous access to the resources that are important to you, including the church calendar, meeting minutes and team-specific documentation.


  • Access information anywhere, from any browser, using any device with internet access
  • Files can be uploaded, edited, shared, even emailed—all from one location
  • Ministry leaders and team members can work on a document together, and SharePoint will record when a document is in use to avoid multiple versions being created
  • Importing files is simplified with the drag-and-drop option

First Steps

To access SharePoint:

  1. Open the Home Page

  2. Click on the Church Calendar

  3. Go to your Quadrant’s Home Page – Grow, Connect, Serve or Share

  4. Drill down and locate your Ministry’s Home Page, where you can organize and share content

  5. You might want to save a link directly to your Ministry Home Page in your browser for quicker navigation

Please send any technical support questions to: help@dctshare.on.spiceworks.com If you need help accessing your account, you can contact us here.