Compassionate Care Ministry



The likelihood of us experiencing some type of hurt in our lifetime is very real because none can escape the painful feelings of loss. This can be caused by the change of anything familiar as in the loss of a loved one, a divorce, loss of a home, job, wealth, a limb, a sense or anything that we’ve come to love or appreciate. No one is exempt. However, in order to survive the hurt, we must face and experience its full force. By letting painful feelings out, it allows us to heal and clears the way for a new beginning.

God is very familiar with hurt because He too has had painful feelings. Isa. 53:3 says: “He was despised and rejected…a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief”. Through grief, God can enter our hearts more intimately thus exposing us to emotional growth and a deep, spiritual awareness of His presence.



Hope is critical in overcoming a hurt. Because hope is a gift of God, you can choose to be hopeful in your hurt and embrace it as a healing, positive force. Hope is the very presence and power of God within your mind, your spirit, your body and your personality. He will never disappoint you. Is there hope in suffering? Romans 8 reveals that in the midst of your grief, God is with you even though your experience is painful and confusing. It may seem as if God is distant or non-existent. It may even seem as if He has turned His back on you. But the truth is that neither life nor death will separate you from the love of God. With such an incredible force within, you will find a faith that will alleviate your hurt, brighten your despair and lessen your load. Hope is the knowledge that tomorrow will be better than today. That is God’s promissory note. With Him in your live, you will always have hope for healing from hurts.



When you are hurting you may sometimes feel alone and empty. After going through a tragedy or a crisis, it isn’t easy to overcome pain and move on. However, with time, patience, hard work and the grace of God, you will heal and become whole again. Healing is both a process and a decision. Remember when the Lord Jesus healed the lame man at the pool of Bethesda? He compassionately leaned over the poor man and asked him: “wilt thou be made whole?” Ask yourself: “are you ready to begin the process of healing?” Knowing that God has promised to be with you through your hurts provides the hope that you need to help the healing process. You are not alone. The 4H Compassionate Care Circle is available to assist you with resources, prayer and support as you go through the process of healing.



The best medicine for self and healing from hurt and pain is to show compassion and love for others who need prayer, guidance, comfort, a steady arm and a listening ear. Nothing is nobler than extending help by offering assistance, aid, remedy and relief, particularly when there is an identity with and understanding of the situation being experienced by the person in need of healing. Because of the love and help we receive from our Lord and Savior, we are compelled and constrained to be our brother’s keeper. If we are to fulfill scripture, then our spirit of compassion must show that we are motivated by love to help those confronted with grief and pain following a difficult loss. In 2 Corinthians 1:4 we are encouraged to: “…comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God.” Reinforce your faith by giving comfort to others who are in need of help. By opening our hearts and helping hands to others, we become better, more whole human beings.



By incorporating these four steps in our Compassionate Care Program, the 4H Circle purposes to provide timely and effective help to those who have been hurt by significant loss and are at the risk of losing hope. By inciting successful healing we also encourage individuals to, in turn, help others who are in a similar situation