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Welcome to DCTShare!

DCTShare is our NEW information hub for all ministry leaders and associates. It is built using Microsoft SharePoint® technology so that, for the first time, the entire working church will have digital access to a unified calendar and other shared resources. It also provides individual folders for each ministry to share all meeting and event documents in one secure, organized location.

What is SharePoint®?

Microsoft SharePoint® is a cloud-based platform that lets you organize, edit, store and share information with your ministry team—and even between multiple teams! One of the advantages of using SharePoint is its simple design. If you’re a first-time user, SharePoint should feel just like navigating any website. It’s also flexible enough to work with any internet-capable device—your computer, tablet, or even your cell phone. This allows tremendous access to the resources that are important to you, including the church calendar, meeting minutes and team-specific documentation.


  • Access information anywhere, from any browser, using any device with internet access
  • Files can be uploaded, edited, shared, even emailed—all from one location
  • Ministry leaders and team members can work on a document together, and SharePoint will record when a document is in use to avoid multiple versions being created
  • Importing files is simplified with the drag-and-drop option

First Steps

Here are a few places to start once you gain access to SharePoint. These are suggested areas of the site to view and become familiar with navigating through MyDallasCityTemple.

  1. Open the Home Page
  2. View the Church Calendar
  3. Go to your Quadrant’s Home Page – Grow, Connect, Serve or Share
  4. Drill down and locate your Ministry’s Home Page, where you can organize and share content
  5. You may want to save a link directly to your Ministry Home Page in your browser for quicker navigation


Ready? Click HERE to enter DCTShare

Please send any technical support questions to: help@dctshare.on.spiceworks.com. If you need help accessing your account, you can contact us here.

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