Dallas City Temple SDA Church

Why Am I Here?

It starts simple.

Usually with a simple question. Why is this happening? Who am I? Why am I here?

This is a safe place to ask. A place to search, ask, and listen. No order forms. No donations. No merchandise. Just things to read. Things to watch. People to listen. No specific starting point. We all start some place different. It’s your journey. You choose where to start.


Our questions usually start with Nothing and end with Hope…

Now, there is a lot here. We are ready to listen if  you have questions. You choose.

Are you ready to begin your journey to God? If so, please Contact Us here.

Come and Visit!

Saturday (Sabbath) - 9:00 AM
Sabbath School (Bible Study) - 9:15 AM
Divine Worship Experience - 11:00 AM

1530 Bonnie View Rd.
Dallas, TX 75203

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